Building Economic Mobility

Too many residents have been systematically excluded from opportunities to build wealth and improve their economic wellbeing. These historic and persistent barriers often lead to cycles of poverty with wide-ranging and long-lasting negative repercussions.

We invest in programs and partnerships that seek to correct this imbalance and ensure residents and small businesses have equitable opportunities to build economic growth and prosperity for themselves and future generations.

Cultivating Diverse Talent Pipelines in Design and Technology

Detroit’s international reputation as a hub of innovation and industry would not exist without the creative, hard-working and talented residents who call the city home. To maintain this reputation in the future, however, it is imperative that Detroit residents have equitable access to opportunities in high-demand industries. The Gilbert Family Foundation is committed to opening […]
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Unlocking Detroit’s Entrepreneurial Potential

Detroit is filled with passionate, talented entrepreneurs who have big, game-changing ideas, but there are often barriers that hold them back from achieving success. Inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit and legacy of our founder Dan Gilbert, the Gilbert Family Foundation seeks to remove these barriers and unlock the entrepreneurial potential within every Detroit resident. One […]
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